Wishlist Wednesday: Dracula Unbound

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday is hosted by Pen to Paper.

Dracula Unbound Brian W. AldissDracula Unbound by Brian W. Aldiss

Details: Paperback, 275 pages
Published: May 1st 1992 by HarperPrism

Synopsis:Β When Bram Stoker wrote one of the most famous novels in the world – Dracula – most people didn’t realise that he had a little outside ‘inspiration’. This came in the form of one Joe Bodenland from the 1990s who travelled back in time to secure Stoker’s help on a desperate mission to save humanity from the Undead…
For Dracula is no mere character conjured up by a gifted scribe – he is undead and kicking, shrouded in a wickedness bred by centuries of evolution. Stoker joins Bodenland in a crusade to exterminate all vampires once and for all. But the trail which begins in Utah in the 21st century ends far away in space and time, in aclimax of devastating destruction.
A great page-whipping adventure merging supernatural horror with breathtaking science fantasy, Dracula Unbound displays Brian Aldiss at his romantic and imaginative best.


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