Book Review: Covenant With the Vampire (The Diaries of the Family Dracul #1) by Jeanne Kalogridis

Covenant With the Vampire by Jeanne KalogridisCovenant With the Vampire (The Diaries of the Family Dracul #1) by Jeanne Kalogridis

Publication Date: September 1st 1994
Details: Hardcover, 324 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 9780385313131
Source: I bought it at Goodwill

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A sensual, terrifying, incredibly accomplished first novel, this fascinating prequel to the classic and most popular horror novel of all time, Dracula, focuses on Dracula’s great-nephew, who inherits the job of managing his great-uncle’s estate…and his appetite. Written in diary form asDracula is, this compulsively readable book has revelations that will shock and delight readers of the original. More erotic than Anne Rice, Kalogridis is a major new voice in vampire fiction. The first chilling tale in an exciting new trilogy is a rich and terrifying historical novel set fifty years before the opening of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. At the castle of Prince Vlad Tsepesh, also known as Dracula, Vald’s great-nephew Arkady is honored to care for his beloved though strange great-uncle…until he beings to realize what is expected of him in his new role. It seems that either he provides his great-uncle with unsuspecting victims to satisfy his needs, or Vlad will kill those Arkady loves. He is trapped into becoming party to murder and sadistic torture. And it is in his blood. When Arkady learns that his newborn son is being groomed one day to follow in his footsteps, he knows that he must fight Dracula, even if it means death.


I found out about Covenant with the Vampire years ago and knew as soon as I read the synopsis that I had to read this book. I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to get to it, and you know what the sad thing is? If I hadn’t found it at Goodwill, I still probably wouldn’t have read it. I am so happy that the whole trilogy was there and that I bought it because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It unfortunately took me an entire week to read this book. It had nothing to do with the book or anything. I wanted to read it, I was just having trouble at that time with concentrating. I just couldn’t stay focused of anything. However, I have no doubt that if I wasn’t having that problem, I would have read it in a day. I don’t normally read a lot of books in a single day, but I’m sure this would have been one that I would have flown through. It was just so good.

I think the only problem I had with it, and the reason I had to give it four stars instead of five, was the fact that Arkady drove me insane. There were so many times that I wanted to reach into the book and shake him. I’m pretty sure that at one point I even told my dad that I wanted to smack Arkady because he was being such an idiot.

Other than that small problem, I thought it was an amazing read. It was well written, I absolutely loved the atmosphere, and even though I kept getting distracted, I didn’t want to put the book down. Whenever I wasn’t reading, I wanted to be. I wanted to know what the characters were up to and how it would all end.

Again, I am so glad that I bought the whole trilogy, and I can’t wait to read the next book, Children of the Vampire. If you are into vampires, and you haven’t already read this book, please pick it up and give it a read. I would honestly be surprised it you didn’t enjoy. It was incredible, and I will now read anything and everything from this author.

Rating: 💀💀💀💀


Wishlist Wednesday: The Merciful Women by Federico Andahazi

Wishlist Wednesday

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The Merciful Women Federico AndahaziThe Merciful Women by Federico Andahazi

Details: Paperback, 192 pages
Published: May 15th 2002 by Grove Press

Synopsis: The second novel from the best-selling Argentine author of The Anatomist, The Merciful Women is a brilliant retelling of the birth of the Gothic novel. In the summer of 1816, Percy and Mary Shelley, Mary’s sister, and Lord Byron hid themselves away in a Swiss villa, whiling away rainy afternoons with the Gothic novel contest that would produce Frankenstein. Andahazi’s reimagining focuses on the fifth competitor: John Polidori, Byron’s manservant, a talentless hack resentful of the ease of his master’s life. Through a Faustian pact with an unseen intercessant, Polidori obtains the most compelling vampire story ever written. But “The Vampyre” has striking similarities to Polidori’s benefactor and to what she asks of him in return. Opium, erotica, and decadence meld into a sly and stylish novel about literary ambition, talent, and inspiration. “A hoot … a Voltaire-like skewering of the myth of genius. Andahazi can remind you of vintage Terry Southern.” — Richard Wallace, The Seattle Times “Playful, satiric, erotic, sometimes savage, sometimes slapstick … something completely different, and well worth reading. — San Francisco Chronicle “As a piece of mock-scholarly, wickedly ironic entertainment, it is an utter delight.” — Publishers Weekly “This literary tour de force cum vampire tale will leave the reader gasping-from laughter and horror by turns.” — The Baltimore Sun

Halloween Reading Challenge


Oct 1st – Oct 31st
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I haven’t exactly decided what books I will be reading this month. I will just list them as I finish them.

  1. Vlad: The Last Confession by C.C. Humphreys – 💀💀💀💀
  2. Christopher Pike’s Tales of Terror – 💀💀💀💀
  3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ghost Stories and Plays – 💀💀
  4. Misery by Stephen King – 💀💀💀💀💀
  5. Creature by John Saul – 💀💀💀💀

R.I.P. X


More information about R.eaders I.mbibing in P.eril X can be found HERE.


Peril the First: Read four books, any length, that you feel fit (the very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature.

  1. The Troop by Nick Cutter – 💀💀💀💀
  2. Carrie by Stephen King – 💀💀💀
  3. Vlad: The Last Confession by C.C. Humphreys – 💀💀💀💀
  4. Christopher Pike’s Tales of Terror – 💀💀💀💀
  5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ghost Stories and Plays – 💀💀
  6. Misery by Stephen King – 💀💀💀💀💀
  7. Creature by John Saul – 💀💀💀💀


Peril On the Screen: This is for those of us that like to watch suitably scary, eerie, mysterious gothic fare during this time of year.

  1. Hocus Pocus – 💀💀💀💀💀
  2. Halloweentown – 💀💀💀💀💀
  3. Halloweentown II – 💀💀💀💀💀
  4. Return to Halloweentown – 💀💀💀
  5. Twitches – 💀💀💀💀
  6. Twitches Too – 💀💀💀💀
  7. My Babysitter’s a Vampire (The Movie) – 💀💀💀💀
  8. My Babysitter’s a Vampire (The Show) – 💀💀💀💀
  9. Halloween (Rob Zombies) – 💀💀💀💀
  10. Night of the Creeps – 💀💀💀💀
  11. Night of the Living Dead 3D – 💀💀
  12. Urban Legends – 💀💀💀
  13. Hatchet II – 💀💀💀
  14. Texas Chainsaw – 💀💀
  15. A lot of Ghost Adventures – 💀💀💀💀
  16. A lot of Ghost Hunters – 💀💀💀
  17. Mask Maker – 💀💀
  18. The Pit – 💀💀💀
  19. Reaper (Season One) – 💀💀💀💀
  20. Casper Meets Wendy – 💀💀💀
  21. Into the Grizzly Maze – 💀💀💀
  22. Poltergeist (2015) – 💀💀
  23. Curse of Chucky – 💀💀💀💀
  24. The Howling – 💀💀💀💀
  25. Howling II: … Your Sister Is a Werewolf – 💀💀💀
  26. From Dusk Till Dawn – 💀💀💀💀💀
  27. Sweet Sixteen – 💀💀
  28. Tower of Terror – 💀💀💀
  29. The Purge – 💀💀💀
  30. It Follows – 💀